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The ACC Great Plains Section is situated in the Canadian great plains and is based out of Regina, Sask. The section was started in May 2018 with the goal to expand the opportunities for adventure in the Regina and Southern Saskatchewan area.

Our section is focused on leadership and skills training so that all of our members have the skills, ability and confidence to safely venture out on their own. We know that leadership is the backbone of any great adventure and ensuring the safety of the group of members is paramount to having fun. Oh, and yes, we love to have fun!

Although we seem to be far away from everything, we are actually situated in a great spot with many prime adventures areas within an 8 hour drive:

  • Canmore, AB – 875km
  • Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota – 780km
  • Waterton National Park – 752km
  • Kananaskis Provincial Park, AB – 874km
  • Devil’s Tower – 730km
  • Lake of the Woods, ON – 791km

We love the Canadian Rocky Mountains but we also love variety. Keep and eye on our trips and events section to see where we are venturing to next.

Great Plains Executive

Mike Wild

Mike Wild


Mike first became an Alpine Club of Canada member in 1986. His original teachers were “Trial and Error” and after some back country hiking and scrambling, he found he wanted to experience high places with experienced people. He has met and climbed with many mentors and peers. Trips have been taken to England, France, Italy, Ecuador, Nepal, United States and of course, Canada. His original passion was ice climbing, which led to rock climbing, which led to ski mountaineering, which led to Alpine climbing.


Peaks and adventures have included the East Ridge of Temple, Kain Face on Robson, Athabasca, Andromeda, Snow Dome, Assiniboine, Aberdeen, Hector, Fable, Yamnuska, Castle, North Face of Fay, Wapta Traverse, Yoho Traverse, Drummond traverse, Devil’s Tower, Yosemite, Island Peak, Tungurahua, Massif des Ecrins, Aiguille de Rochefort, and many others. After a recent cardiac event, Mike has slowed down and wants to give back to ACC by encouraging and mentoring a new generation of Saskatchewan based Great Plains Section ACC members. Mike works as the Plant Engineering Manager for the Co-op Refinery Complex (CRC) and was the founding leader in 1997 of the CRC High Angle – Confined Space Technical Rescue Team and is trained a Rope Access Technician.
Jennifer Billinsky

Jennifer Billinsky


The ACC has opened up a new realm of access to the outdoors that Jennifer had not been able to harness on her own. In the past four years that she has been a member, Jennifer has gone on numerous rock climbing trips, starting out as someone who had never touched outdoor rock in that way before to becoming a confident climber. The ACC group arranged a top rope anchor building course which helped to boost confidence and skills. On other trips, Jennifer was taught to clean anchors and to lead.


Her positive experiences with the ACC Saskatchewan Section and their leaders have inspired in her a desire to become a leader herself so that she can share these experiences with newcomers to the club. Other fabulous trips which have been had are ice climbing and hiking and scrambling through various locations in the Rocky Mountains. The diversity of the trips (in terms of locations and the experience levels of the individuals involved) have given Jennifer a better appreciation of the landscapes she has available to access and range of activities that can be done there. Exploring has never been more fun!
Bill Pacholka

Bill Pacholka


Bill has 30 plus years of adventuring under his belt that has included backcountry, cross country and alpine skiing, traditional, sport and ice climbing, scrambling, hiking, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, camping, and general backpack travel throughout North America, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


Bill is a professional engineer by duty but has transformed into a “weekend warrior” on countless trips to the Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota and many objectives closer to home, characteristically armed with a GPS, a packing list, a trip expense spreadsheet and an enthusiastic smile. Bill and his wife were married outdoors in the scenic Kananaskis Country and along with their two elementary school-aged children they have treasured many family adventures, including some that have taken them off the beaten path. One of Bill’s fondest alpine adventures was summiting Mount Assiniboine with two great friends for his stag. The weather was perfect with not a breath of wind; you could have lit a candle on the summit. It is special moments like this, or experiencing someone else’s delight of doing or seeing something for the first time (i.e.: their Everest) and many, many others is what keeps enticing Bill to adventure.
Mark Nielsen

Mark Nielsen

VP Leadership

Mark is a long-time skier still trying to figure out how to keep the snow out of his pants. As well as a short-time climber trying to figure out which end of the rope is the up side. Mark has been backcountry skiing for five years. This includes bringing out beginners and organizing larger trips, largest of which was a 9-person Bow-Yoho Traverse.


He is also planning on going to Gulmarg for part of next year’s ski season. During the last two years Mark has rock climbed in various locations. Multiple trips to South Dakota, Wyoming and the Bow Valley. He looks forward to progressing his trad skills and transitioning to summer alpine objectives. Mark has been an ACC member for about 2 years and he was the Saskatchewan Section representative at the 2018 ACC North Face Winter Leadership program.
Jayne Leibel

Jayne Leibel

VP Communications and Membership (Split)

Jayne began her outdoor adventures when she met her husband, Jamie, 24 years ago. In 2016 she began her rock and ice journey, with the ACC playing a critical part of teaching her new skills. She’s the brains behind climbing trips to The Black Hills of South Dakota and keeps everyone on track. Jayne is eager to run more trips for the new section and to build new friendships as a result.


Jayne has a BAdmin in Marketing and Communications and currently spends her days communicating for the Saskatchewan Health Authority. She is also a registered Medical First Responder for Saskatchewan. She loves to teach others and share her knowledge and is eager to develop the future of outdoor sports in Regina.
Jaime Leibel

Jaime Leibel

VP Communications and Membership (Split)

Jamie is a lover of things nature. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major/minor in geography/geology. He’s been active in outdoor sports of all kinds from a young age. Whether on a hiking trail, on the water or up a mountain, Jamie is always ensuring he is a steward of the natural resources around him.


In 2015 he took his “Learn to Lead: course through Yamnuska and he was hooked on rock climbing. In 2016 he was bitten by the ice-climbing bug and later that year took his first seven day back-country trip into Fairy Meadows. Since joining ACC Sask in 2015, Jamie and his family have been active trip participants and leaders. Jamie participated in the first ACC Top Rope Leader course in May 2017 and took the Avalanche safety level 1 that same year.

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Types of Trips

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Scrambling is ascending a non-technical mountain with the summit as the end goal. Scrambling can usually involve negotiating lower angle rock, traveling through talus and scree but does not involve traveling on extremely steep slopes or on glaciers.
Ice Climbing
Ice Climbing uses ice tools and crampons to climb features such as icefalls and frozen waterfalls. Mixed climbing involves using ice tools on both rock and ice. This is fun and challenging winter activity that we enjoy in the mountains.
There is no better way than on a pair skis to enjoy the backcountry of the mountains in winter. From steep slopes to long traverses such as the classic Wapta Traverse, we love to do it all.
Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is physically and mentally demanding, often testing a climber’s strength, endurance, agility, balance and mental control. We enjoy getting together to climb outdoors and indoors to improve and learn new skills.
Mountaineering involves attempting to reach the summit of big mountains. Mountaineering requires expertise in rock, snow and glacier travel along with athletic ability and technical knowledge to maintain safety. Join us to learn and practice these skills.
Skills Development
Developing the technical skills of our section members is what we do. Leaders and members will have the opportunity to enhance their skills through trips and other skill building events.

A.C.C. Great Plains Section

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