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Amisk Lake rope and rock skills

August 30 - September 1


Join James from 30 August to 1 September about 30 minutes south of Flin Flon, MB to explore an area of Saskatchewan relatively close to home (7.5 hours) and work on some rope and rock skills.  Just South of Flin Flon on the eastern side of Amisk Lake, SK, there is a series of cool Karst geological features.  Karst features are cave-like systems that form from expansion and contraction, which breaks the layers of the rock up, creating underworldly travel opportunities that offer some vertical freedom. 

This trip will allow us to:

    • Explore the Karst caves–have a look at:
    • Experiment and consolidate abseiling techniques
    • Figure out how to ascend a rope with simple equipment
    • Learn and practice top access anchors
    • Learn about and be able to place trad gear and use natural anchors
    • Maybe climb out of the crevice on the limestone walls (about as tall as Regina Climbing Centre gym walls)
    • Explore haul systems to facilitate rescue or assistance (crevasse rescue)
    • See a cool feature that Saskatchewan has to offer


No outdoor experience is required. If you have taken a course with James, then this is an excellent opportunity to practice those skills in a real outdoor setting. If you don’t know what any of the above terms are, then you may be in for a lot of hard work. 

Participants will need a good sense of adventure and enthusiasm to explore  and develop themselves as climbers.


  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Head lamp
  • Comfortable and sturdy shoes/hiking boots (climbing shoes are optional, but this is a skills-based trip, climbing may or may not actually happen)
  • Belay device and carabiner
  • Anything you have that you want to practice with
  • Bug spray
  • Your own camping gear


  • Camping for free off the road (toilets too)
  • Amisk Lake Campground self registration (dog friendly) 13-minute drive
    • Firewood is available and free
    • James, Serena and Baxter will be staying here
  • Denare beach is a town to the north. It has lodging with mattresses, a few restaurants, etc. 
    • Swimming is possible in Amisk Lake.

Food: bring your own

Travel: Personal vehicles either, solo or carpooling

Contact James to sign up.


August 30
September 1

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